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  • Do you dream of creating the perfect ambiance in your backyard by adding a beautifully designed stamped concrete pool deck to your pool? Well, here’s your chance to accomplish your vision through the help of our Wizard Concrete Experts. As a friend would say, a person’s backyard is reflective of one’s mind set. Our team is here to help you with installing the perfect pool deck that is meant for you and your family.

  • With the addition of a stamped concrete pool deck, your pool can now feel much more complete. Any pool activities with your family and friends such as swimming or relaxing can also feel much more at home. The pool deck’s appearance undoubtedly have a huge effect on how luxurious a person’s house may look and feel. With our crisp stamped concrete finishes we allow you to choose the look and feel of your backyard so you can have awesome time enjoying its ambiance.

Beautiful Finish for Your Home


  • Have you thought about an excellent surface layout for your pool and your backyard? Now, you can make your dream a reality! How? If you call our experts today, they can show you designs for stamped concrete pool decks and stamped concrete walkways that will boost the beauty and property value of your home. From simple to elegant patterns, our team tries their best to achieve the setup you want out of your backyard whatever it may be.  At the end of the day, we want you to be satisfied with our work so you may feel that you have made the right choice choosing us as your trusted stamped concrete contractor.


Safety Matters 


  • Do you plan to slip on a slick surface when you are exiting your pool? I know I don’t. The pros at Wizard Concrete have implemented and installed hundreds of pool decks with the right type of material so everyone can stay safe when they are exiting their newly finished swimming pool. Our pool deck installation services offer safety and grip for you and your family through the use of the right type of concrete aggregates for a pool deck. When we are finished, you can safely walk beside your pool even during heavy rain and nasty weathers. With this in mind, it is our job to protect the elderly and the children who are most vulnerable to slips and falls after the installation process is finished. So you don’t have to worry when you are enjoying the summer heat with your family and your friends.


Dependable Pool Deck for the Family


  • You would be amazed by the number of options we have here at Wizard Concrete. But, that’s not all that you would be happy to see. Most of our clients whom we have worked with in the past have enjoyed the dependability of a solid stamped concrete pool deck whenever they are using their swimming pool or their hot tub.  Our team makes a full effort to install pool decks that are not only safe but presentable based on your needs and preferences.  With certain features added to the installation of your brand new pool deck, I’m sure you will enjoy its benefits for years down the road.

  • With our systematic and creative approach, every Hamilton homeowner should be satisfied with the services we do. Our team’s dedication and skills are essential factors that adds to our success. As a reliable company, we will always do our best to install dependable and beautiful concrete structure. We invite you to call our team if you ever need a concrete contractor in Hamilton. Because here at Wizard Concrete great things are possible!

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