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Wizard Concrete

Epoxy Flooring

If your floors are worn, dusting, difficult to clean or do not represent your facility the way they should, then now is the time to look at epoxy or urethane floor coatings as a solution to your problem. As professional epoxy floor coating contractors and floor painters, we specialize in preparing and coating floors in manufacturing/industrial facilities and warehouses.

Benefits of Sealed Floors


  • protection of floors from heavy traffic

  • no dusting

  • ease of cleaning & maintenance

  • increase of reflected light

  • presents positive image to customers

  • avoids environmental impact issues


Floor Refinishing Services


  • epoxy floor coating systems

  • urethane floor coating systems

  • static dissipative systems

  • non-slip coatings

  • spark & explosion-proof coatings

  • 1/4″ trowelled epoxy for abusive environments

  • quartz broadcast systems

  • shot-blasting with Blasttrac machines

  • diamond grinding & scarifiying

  • concrete floor polishing

  • power scrubbing of oily floors & disposal of contaminated waste


Wizard Concrete has been expertly painting and refinishing concrete floors for decades. We can also paint safety lines, markings, and delineation  

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