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Types of Commercial Concrete Mixes

Commercial concrete is formed with water and cement to make a paste. You don’t need to think about the ratio of these materials as they are already decided. This concrete is so versatile that you can change the ratios as per your requirement. If you wish to know more about commercial concrete, then you can go through this webpage.


Normal Concrete Mix


As per the term, it is one of the most common concrete mixes. If you wish to know the strength of this mix, you can find that it is utilized in almost all buildings and construction applications like wall construction, skyscrapers, and creating in others. 


High Strength Concrete


Another concrete mix is named High Strength Concrete. It is formed with a lower ratio of water to cement and a higher quality aggregate. 

Air-Entrained Concrete


In order to know about the new concrete mix, you can find Air-Entrained Concrete is introduced recently. It is used for specific purposes only.

With the help of these mixes, you can understand the relevance of commercial concrete. So, you can buy these mixtures at a reasonable price from our commercial concrete contractor in Tarpon Springs Fl. For more details, visit our website.

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