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Wizard Concrete


Commrcial Floors Cleaned and Ready.

Dust control is of primary concern for every job.

Surface Preparation


Whether your situation requires grinding, scarifying, shot blasting, milling, planing or electric hammer removal, we have the equipment to get concrete floors clean and ready for their next application. You get the proper surface profile created while maximizing efficiency of time. SP3 equipment operators are well trained with respect to dust control- vacuum systems are efficient and properly maintained for the health and safety of our workers, customer personnel in the vicinity of the site and to be mindful of client product/ property contamination.




Eliminating existing floor coverings and coatings can be time consuming and messy. Removing carpet, vinyl, ceramic tile, adhesive, floor coatings and mortars in preparation for new finishes requires the right equipment and expertise to efficiently get the job done. We have all of the tools to make short work of these tasks.


Cleaning and Dust Proofing


Wizard Concrete offers a variety of strategies that utilize chemical cleaners, dust proofers and sealers to rejuvenate concrete floors economically. Washing, scrubbing, mechanically cleaning and treating of floors can be a cost effective means of restoring a slab to an acceptable state. We also invite you to inquire about bare concrete treatments that increase slip resistance in wet areas.