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About Us

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We Are Your Concrete Specialists

  • Since 1990, Concrete Wizard has been making beautiful surfaces for commercial and residential dwellings by resurfacing and/or repairing existing concrete surfaces throughout the Tampa Bay area. From creating awe-inspiring indoor flooring to aesthetic walkways to durable pool decks, faux boulder waterfalls and much more, we have resurfaced and repaired approximately 1/4 million square feet of concrete.


  • From small jobs to large, with our unique application, we are able to hide cracks and even level out areas where water gathers. These professionally crafted surfaces are protected with a special surfacing material that makes our unique surfaces easy to clean and long-lasting.


  • There are so many choices to select from to highly customize your area. Our most popular "Uro Tile" is a troweled-down surface that can be made to look and feel like slate or flagstone. Our artists and engineers can also create amazing floor and counter top designs, murals and textures with our specially formulated process we call "Acid Stain" to create one-of-a-kind works of art.

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